Tuesday, June 20, 2017

a blog, whatever...

“Mind evolving” means whatever you choose. I choose to keep the meaning open.
This blog title (attached to a URL created over 12 years ago) has no given meaning, other than the ordinariness of “mind” (the quote marks are important) and the nebulousness of “evolving.” So, I have a blog with that title, whatever it’s made
to mean.

Basically, I have an unused blog now—“new,” except for a couple of 2007-era postings left here—a blank slate with a name, like anything has a name: “Gary,” nebulous to others (maybe)—a mystery to me still, after many decades.

So what. A new day is a new day. A canvas a canvas. Et cetera.

The name, then, emblemizes a genealogical background that’s unspoken, intangible, and implying (I stipulate) an era of self development over some years that brings me to now, however that’s been lived. The “spirit” of the notion—“mind evolving”—is a nebulously available emergence (a “spirit”) of a cohering from 92 available postings (if someone read all of those) now being left to their time.

Next: “genealogy of ‘mind’” as part 2 of the “summer 2017” set for the “mind evolving” Area of cohering.net.